To: The 15th Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition Organising Committee
      The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Ltd.
      Block E, 5/F., Lee Fung Building, 88 Argyle Street, Kowloon, H.K.


Please complete the online enrollment form below and upload the Display Board for future communication.
The Display Board in A3 cardboard must be submitted to HKFF for judgment.

請填寫網上的報名表格 (下方),並上傳相關的作品, 以方便日後連絡。
正式的參賽作品,必須遞交往HKFF(香港鞋業總會) 作評審用。

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1. I/My Company warrant(s) that the design that I have submitted is my/my company’s own original work, AND I/my Company am/is the sole owner of all
    copyright in and to that design.
2. I/My Company agree(s) that the Organiser shall not incur any liability of any kind by reason of or arising out of the entry in this Competition and I/my
    Company agree(s) to indemnify the Organiser against allactions, claims, demands and expenses relating to or arising therefrom.
3. I/My Company have/has read the Rules and Regulations for the Competition and agree(s) to abide by them.
4. I/My Company agree(s) that the Organiser shall have the right to publicise, exhibit and reproduce my/my Company’s entry for any purpose in
    connection with this Competition as they consider appropriate.