Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition is one of the key projects of the Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Ltd. The aim of this competition is to nurture and attract local talents, instill in them a better understanding of the footwear industry and a future career goal. It is hoped that this can help to bring an overall improvement in the quality and competitiveness in the industry.

Since 2000, the Federation has organised 13 Footwear Design Competitions. The successes of the competitions must be credited to the support of the industry and major enterprises and institutions (names of our supporters have been listed on the competition poster). Throughout the years, the competition has been gaining broader recognition from domestic and foreign markets and we are glad to see the improvement in the designs year after year. In year 2000, around 400 designs entered the contest; however the number of designs has been increased tremendously to 1,500 in 2012. This is a solid proof of the tremendous success of the competition.

In the first Footwear Design Competition, we were honored to enlist the support from Legislative Councilor Selena Chow, we sought assistance to apply for funding to the Innovation and Technology Department of the HKSAR Government, and coordinated with the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the competition was held successfully. The winning designs were exhibited in the exhibition hall next to the Tamar site and they gained favorable comments from all around. However, due to the financial constraint, the Innovation and Technology Department was not able to support the competition in its second year. The Federation did not yield on it and it negotiated with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to incorporate this competition as an annual event. Both groups reached a final agreement after several discussions: the Hong Kong Trade Development Council would co-ordinate all the promotion, show production and exhibition of the shoes design competition on voluntary basis, while the Federation will be responsible for other matters, including organising seminars, entry design manufacturing and forming the selection committee etc. The second Footwear Design Competition thus was able to be held in the consecutively year and the winning items were on display at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Throughout the years, we are happy to witness both the increase in the participant number and design improvement. The winner of the 2002 Footwear Design Competition, Ms. Yim Kit Ling, entered her winning design (based on the theme of Empress Dowager Cixi) to the World Footwear Design Competition held in Italy, and she captured the winning title a second time. After winning the contests, Ms. Yim furthered her studies in Italy and she entered the shoe industry upon graduation. Now Ms. Yim is leading a success career. The Federation will continue its goal of nurturing the talents in the field.

To further promote and publicize the shoe design competition, in 2009, TDC recommended Footwear Design Competition and Hong Kong clothing exhibition to be held at the same time.

The Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition has been held for thirteen consecutive years. All the winning designs were exhibited in local and domestic major footwear related industries exhibitions. In addition, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council has sent the winning entries to footwear exhibitions all around the globe, in an effort to help open up and develop the overseas market.

Without doubt, the unprecedented successes of all the past year footwear design competitions are due to the concerted effort and support of various industries, the panel of professional judges, sample design productions of manufacturers on voluntary basis and members of the organizing committee. On behalf of the Federation, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of you, I also hope that you can continue to support the Footwear Design Competition in the years to come. Thank you!

Vice president of the Federation of Hong Kong Footwear
Tsang Ying Ming