• ● Organiser
    - The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Ltd.(FFHK)
  • ● Co-organiser
    - Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • ● Objectives
    - To enhance the creativity and design quality of the Hong Kong footwear industry, and to scout for designers with high
    - To promote Hong Kong footwear products among international buyers, and to explore overseas markets
  • ● Categories
    - Shoes: Men’s Shoes / Ladies’ Shoes - Total Look Trendy Styling
    - Ladies’s Boots
    - Children’s Shoes
    - Handbags
    - DIY-3D Modelling Concept Design
  • ● Sample Production
    - The fair organiser will be responsible for sample production of items under the shoes category and creative colleciton
      (shoes & bags). However, applicants have to provide the raw materials and accessories for production if necessary.
    - Applicants of the handbag category have to self-arrange sample production.
  • ● Deadline for Submission of Entries
    - All the Entries of drawings must reach The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Ltd. (Address: Block E, 5/F., Lee Fung
      Building, 88 Argyle Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong) on or before 16 September 2019.
    - Winners will be notified.
    - Prototypes of selected entries will be produced by manufacturers in collaborations with contestants, or provided by the
      contestants, then arrange for public display.
  • ● Conditions of Entry
    - Contestants are required to pre-register for the competition at www.footwear.org.hk or by scanning the QR code in the application form.
    - Contestants are welcome to submit more than one entry in any category.
    - Artwork, sketch, drawing, photos should be mounted on A3-size cardboard, enclosed with design inspirations,
       material specifications, swatches and colour scheme in Englisg and Chinese . Sketches must show side
      and top views of the design.
    - Application forms should be adhered at the back of every artwork. No personal particulars should be appeared in the
      artwork. Those who failed to comply will be disqualified.
    - No entry should include any registered trademark or logo.
    - All entries must be original designs. Entries that have won awards in any local or overseas design competitions will not
      be considered.
    - The Organiser reserves the right of non-acceptance of any entry.
  • ● Announcement of Result
    - Contestants not contacted before 18 November 2019 may consider their entries not selected. All entries (except those
      winning ones) can be collected by contacting the Secretariat before 21 February 2020.
    - Samples which are not collected within the specified time will be disposed of by the Organiser as it sees fit.
    - The Organiser reserves the right to withhold granting of any of the prizes if it considers that the entries do not meet with
      the desired standard.
  • ● Copyright & Production Right
    - Every contestant should, on entering his/her design in the competition, give an undertaking that the design is new and
      original and he/she is the sole owner of all copyright in and to that design.
    - The Organiser will exercise maximum care in handling all entries. However, the Organiser will assume no liability for any
      damage or loss of any kind.
    - The Organiser will not be held responsible for infringement of copyright or patent law connected with designs entered in
      the Competition.
    - The Organiser shall not be liable for the verification of the originality of all entries. Nor shall the Organiser be liable for
      the protection of design copyrights. The contestant remains to be the sole copyright owner of, and therefore be solely
      liable for, his/her design.
    - The copyright of all designs will remain the property of the contestants who should take proper measures to protect
      their own copyright of their designs. Following announcement of results, contestants are free to negotiate such rights
      if they so wish.
  • ● Exhibition & Publicity
    - The Organiser will retain the right for printing, publishing the winning entries and other entries at its discretion.
  • ● Judging Criteria
    - Creativity
    - Fashion Aesthetic
    - Producibility