Succeeding as the President of The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Ltd. (FFHK), while it is my highest honor, it also marks the beginning of carrying forward a great responsibility. FFHK enters the 47th year of its establishment, growing stably, fulfilling our mission, leading the industry to create more business opportunities, bridging Hong Kong and China's footwear industry to the rest of the world. These wouldn't be possible without the many supports of the experienced advisers, the leadership of all previous Presidents, and the efforts of all our members.


China footwear industry thrives in the end of 20th century to what we see now as the world's biggest footwear manufacturing and exporting nation. In recent years, the annual national footwear production has exceeded 10 billion pairs, accounting approximately 70% of the global footwear manufacture industry. Since 2010, China's e-commerce has developed rapidly, thus creates a competitive edge for the China

footwear industry and brings tremendous opportunities for Hong Kong footwear industry.

Recently, China has actively led and promoted national policies, such as "One Belt One Road" and "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Program." Until now, China has signed agreements with 40+ countries and international organizations, in additional productivity partnerships with 30+ countries. Our members at The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Ltd. have been proactive with factories spread out in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Africa. We, as the federation, will also step forward in progressing our partnership with the cities within the "Pearl River Delta," and advancing the Hong Kong's industry and society development.


In regards to the direction of Hong Kong footwear industry, "to establish own brand, to move upward on the value-added ladder", as quoted by our Permanent Honorary President Mr. Tang Yiu, who stresses the importance of the massive amount of premium designs. This year has been my 19th year in the footwear industry, I have, however, little contact with the leather shoe industry. Reminiscing when I was still studying, I once found incredible satisfaction from researching design patterns, obtaining inspiration from the library, handing my own sketches to my father and lastly, producing into reality, a fashionable footwear style of the time.


The goal of FFHK holding the Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition is to gather local talented designers, where creativity meets craftsmanship and thus strengthening Hong Kong footwear industry's competitiveness on the stage of the entire world. This year, it has been the 17thFootwear Design Competition. On the other hand, through the federation’s effort, we have obtained the support of HKSAR SME fund and thus established the “Shoe Fountain Studio”, turning designs into reality. Meanwhile, we welcome all enterprises and friends from the fashion industry to let us know what you think!


Today we face various challenges in the footwear industry, such as the transformation in the industry and changes in consumer preferences. Our federation will hold on to our mission, strive to unite the entities within the industry for betterment. I sincerely believe with united strength, we can march even further for our federation and our industry.



Ms. Mandy Tang Ming Wai

President – The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Limited