In the previous term, we have gained the support of Honorary Presidents, Honorary Advisers, and respectable members. With the Board of Directors’ active participation, it has made successes in our effort to realize the federation's mission, to be awarded by government's funding, to attract young talents to participate in this industry, to create and optimize the footwear business environment.


Uniting the Industry

Our federation conducts multiple business visiting every year. This year we organized groups to visit SanShui and HuiZhou. We held discussions with various local companies and the government in the light of further developing the footwear industry. In particular, one of the companies gave in-depth introduction of how fly-knit can increase productivity. These trips are proved valuable as we exchanged the different viewpoints on the development of the current global economy, China's trading as well as the domestic retail environment.


Moving Forward Together

The Hong Kong Footwear enterprises placed tremendous priority on brand development and branding is built on top of many premium designs. In order to push forward the industry, every year we shouldered the responsibility in holding the Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition. This year, with the support of the HKSAR government’s funding,


we are honored to initiate the sampling workshop project, namely the "Shoe Fountain Studio." On one hand, we hope to expand on Hong Kong's trading expertise by allowing fashion companies and footwear enterprises to fully utilize the completed footwear samples, thus to reach more sales. On the other hand, we are on a mission to bridge the gap between the younger generation and the footwear industry. Ultimately, we hope to prosper our industry and Hong Kong's economy through our dedicated effort.


Servicing the Society

The federation has always been passionate about our homeland and concerned with the Hong Kong society. As part of the Wholesale and Retailing Functional Constituency, we deeply value the contribution to society, economy, and livelihood by the interrelated synergy of our enterprise. Our constituency representative, Mr. Peter Shiu Ka-Fei, has reflected the needs to maintain the name of Hong Kong Shopping Paradise on behalf of the constituency members.

Lastly, I want to treasure this opportunity to deliver my gratitude to the continued support for the federation. I humbly hope for more help and support, thus The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Ltd. will reach a higher peak for the years to come.





Mr. Frank Leung Yat-Cheong

Chairman – The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear Limited