1. To unite the industry for the benefit of the members.


2. Platform for the industry to access world business opportunities.


3. Through communication with the government and policy making bodies, to ensure interests of the industry will be taken care of.


4. Through communication with the world, members' opinions can be heard overseas while international trade policy is being conceived.


5. Through joint venture with HKTDC, annual shoe design contest is being successfully held. Such event is able to raise the local design standard, building brand Hong Kong, as the design the center of the world -, a perfect showcase for the local talents.


6. To actively promote creative industry, helping government, educational institutions to run programs for shoe design and cutting edge technology.


7. Through website and publication of periodicals, members can access the current events of the industry worldwide and more easily take advantage of association's resources.


8. The association actively organizes forums, participating in international trade fairs for the benefit of the members.


9. Bonding amongst members can be achieved through association's industry and recreational delegation.


10. To actively promote members to participate in community service and achieve favorable rapport amongst the different branches of communities.