Project Introduction

In 2020, Hong Kong Footwear Federation Limited was granted fund by the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund of the Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government, co-cooperated with Hong Kong Productivity Council to launch a project entitled “Create and develop a new B2B model for Hong Kong footwear industry through Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) marketing”. This project aims at assisting Hong Kong footwear brands to extend the reach in the market in Chinese mainland through KOL marketing, which can eventually promote the collective image of Hong Kong footwear brands in Mainland.

In order to build the footwear brand images and make the brands to be easily adopted by the consumer in Mainland, four catwalk shows will be held in shopping malls in Shenzhen, showcase Hong Kong footwear products. KOLs will be invited to attend the Catwalk Show for promoting the collective brand image of the Hong Kong footwear. FFHK also organize seminars and setup Wechat platform to promote and share more KOL marketing information to the public.

Event News


Catwalk show “Summer Get! Set! Go!”
Date: 21 May 2022 (Sat)
Time: 15:00-16:00
Venue: G/F, WongTee Plaza
Theme: Summer Get! Set! Go!

Brand Recruitment

China is the biggest footwear consumer worldwide. Many Hong Kong footwear manufacturers are keen on developing the market in Chinese mainland. In the recent years, the rise of influencer marketing and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) have effectively changed the B2B market. Under this project, four catwalk shows will be held in shopping malls in Shenzhen, it can promote footwear brands and products to local buyers in China via trendy KOL marketing. It is also an important opportunity for Hong Kong footwear brands to develop this new business network.

Product Recruitment opens for registration now. Don’t miss the change to join the catwalk shows and showcase your footwear products!

  • Theme of 1st Catwalk Show (10/2021): Dress Up with Hong Kong Footwear
  • Theme of 2nd Catwalk Show (05/2022): Summer Get! Set! Go!
  • Theme of 3rd Catwalk Show (09/2022): Footwear in the Fall
  • Theme of 4th Catwalk Show (11/2022): Draw your Dream

Brand Recruitment:

Organiser Implementation Organisation Funded by Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund, Trade and Industry Department

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